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Get Your Name on a Rice Grain, Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon, India
Name on key chain
Name on rice with key chain
name on rice of grain in gift items
Tools used to write name on rice grain
Get you name on necklace by using rice
Get your name on Rice of grain for different Gift Items
Name already on rice
Get your full name on a grain of rice
A name written on a grain of rice in Ancient Times was considered "Very Good Luck"

Write your name on a grain of rice to become a lovely keyring, pendant, necklace, etc. Name on Rice Jewellery provides a unique and characterised jewellery necklace, pendent gift for all to enjoy. You create your own message, or name on a tiny grain of rice for yourself, friends and loved ones.

Names available on a grain of rice.


Made for each other, Good Morning,
Happy New Year,
I Love You, Have a nice day,
Happy Holi,
I Miss you, Your Good Luck,
Happy Diwali,
Your Love, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas,
Darling, Greate Day, Lord Krishna,
Sweet 16, Good Night, Lord Shiva